Education for Malaysian Chinese

In Malaysia, public education is provided for all citizens regardless of race, religion and background and are funded by the government. There are generally 2 types of national schools in the country namely national schools where they use Bahasa Malaysia (National Language) as the main medium of delivery and communication. The second type of schools are known as National Type Schools that uses either Chinese or Tamil as the main language catered to pupils from the respective communities. Families from the Chinese communities are therefore allowed to choose either type of schools to send their children to. Where this is concerned, students from both type of schools are prepared for the national examination namely the PMR, SPM and STPM.

Alternatively, Chinese families can also send their children to independent self-funded Chinese schools where they have to pay a certain fee. These are schools that delivers education based on the Unified Examination Certificate or UEC. The independent schools have been around for more than 30 years now where students sit for the examination in 3 different levels namely Junior Middle (UEC-JML), Vocational (UEC-V), and Senior Middle (UEC-SML). This qualification is accepted in most private tertiary education institutions both in the country as well as abroad in countries like Taiwan, USA, the United Kingdom and Singapore.