Food and Culture of Malaysian Chinese

Malaysian Chinese generally observe the festivals and celebrations of the Chinese community around the world. This means that the Chinese New Year, the Mooncake Festival, the Hungry Ghost Festivals, Ching Ming and others are observed and commemorate with reunion dinners, offerings and burning of worship items on the specific day of the event. It is very common to see an altar in most Chinese homes while another is placed at the front door and another in the kitchen which are common Chinese beliefs.

In practicing their traditions, food becomes an integral part of the typical Chinese family as they are always a form of celebration as well as used for offerings to deities and gods. One would usually find food like roast pork, steamed chicken and roast duck during such festivals.
However, food is also an important and integral part of the Chinese community. Most Chinese food are non-halal hence careful classification need to be adhered to in Malaysia, which upholds Islam as the official religion. Among the most popular Chinese dishes in Malaysia include Dim sum which is enjoyed in the mornings, particularly during weekends, Bak Kut Teh which is a pork herbal soup cuisine made famous from Klang. Other common dishes include Wan Tan Mee, Claypot Chicken Rice, Chilly Crab, Char Siew Rice and many others.