Pregnancy and Chinese customs

As the Chinese are generally a superstitious community, there are certain so-called ‘guidelines’ during pregnancy. This is considered to be very important and crucial because if the traditions are not followed, it might risk giving birth to an ‘abnormal’ child.

While most of the rituals are not scientifically proven and some claims to be false, they are still very much followed and observed. One of the most common superstitions is the emotional state of the expectant mother. It is said that she must be kept happy at all times so as not to have any negative feelings. This is because any hatred, anger or depression will be ‘channelled’ to the child in her stomach.

They are also not allowed to watch movies or pictures of disfigured objects. Alien or horror movies are not allowed because it might also ‘affect’ the baby. Funerals are also not allowed while they are also not allowed to be directly involved during weddings.

Any sort of cutting using knife or scissors are not allowed because it symbolises cutting the umbilical cord. In some cases, it is considered to be bad luck to have an empty stroller in the home before the child is born. Pictures and posters of babies should also be plastered in the walls of the bedroom.